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The global community of ISACA members and certified cover a variety of professional IT-related positions—some of which include IS auditor, consultant, educator, IS security professional, risk professional, chief information officer and internal auditor. Some are new to the field, others are at middle management levels and still others are in the most senior ranks. ISACA constituents work in nearly all industry categories, including financial and banking, public accounting, government and the public sector, utilities and manufacturing

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Rolling Meadows, IL, USA (30 March 2017) – As demand for governance, risk and compliance professionals in Zimbabwe continues to grow, information technology professionals in Harare, Zimbabwe, have formed a new chapter of ISACA. The ISACA Harare Chapter has more than 240 members at its start, and is becomes the 17th chapter in Africa. ISACA, a global technology association serving more than 130,000 members in 188 countries in the IT cyber security, audit, risk and governance professions, now has 216 chapters in 94 countries.

ISACA Harare Chapter President Franklin Mukarakate, CISA, said the chapter’s formation comes at an opportune moment.

“The chapter will work to promote the assurance, security and governance of information systems professions in Zimbabwe at a time when investment in IT assets has brought about a need for IS governance professionals,” said Mukarakate. “Through perseverance, determination, commitment and team effort, Zimbabwe’s first ISACA chapter, ISACA Harare Chapter, is finally born. The founding team is thoroughly excited with this development and would like to thank ISACA’s staff and fellow international chapters for its guidance and support.”