Empowering African Women for Successful Careers in Digital Trust

SheLeadsTech is the banner program of ISACA’s One In Tech Foundation and is dedicated to building a gender-diverse and inclusive global community of cyber professionals.

Join this SheLeadsTech Event focused on empowering African women for successful sareers in Digital Trust on Friday the 25th of November 2022.

Initiated in 2017, SheLeadsTech empowers women to enhance their professional skills and advocate for their career advancement.

SheLeadsTech also brings global awareness to the lack of gender diversity at all levels, particularly chief and executive positions, within tech fields. Building on this important work, SheLeadsTech commits to providing comprehensive resources, services, events, and learning to accelerate careers as a core strategy.

This new vision for SheLeadsTech will significantly aid the effort to ensure leadership career roles are accessible to everyone.

SheLeadsTech Objectives:
1. Advance women leaders through global programs and initiatives that can be designed at the global level and scaled locally through ISACA’s chapters.
2. Provide current and prospective under-represented professionals with access to quality career-building development tools that will enable them to enter and advance within the cyber workforce
3. Create toolkits and resources that enable ISACA chapters and others to impact their local communities with digital workforce development learning resulting in global impact.

The SheLeadsTech program also incorporates awards from the One In Tech Scholarship Program to support professional development and skill-building opportunities as well.

To Register click here:Empowering African Women for Successful Careers in Digital Trust

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